Heya there!

I'm Efantri Febriansyah, plant-based daydreamer, chief enthusiast of randomness and a self-proclaimed visual artist!

About me

It's like the silent 'k' in 'knock'

In fact;

I'm around, but you might need some ninja skills to notice!

And trying to find details about me here it's like trying to decode a cat's expression

Let's just say I'm the mystery in this encyclopedia

So, put on your detective hat and let's play 'Catch Me'

*You might've caught me in the act, casually munching on some ice cream; just me, a cone, and a whole lot of chill 🍦✌️

I do

Okay, what did I actually do?

Attempt a conversation with a potted plant

Create a DIY time machine for more weekends

Find a way to unsubscribe from adulting

Try to teach the vacuum cleaner to dance


How about we trade cat photos?

*I'm kind of clueless about why I even made this website to be honest -_